We have extensive copyright litigation and counselling experience in a wide range of industries and from songs to software and beyond, JB Law is a destination firm for solving copyright problems of any dimension.JBLaw’s Intellectual Property lawyers have specialized experience litigating and providing counseling on copyright matters, to assist clients with the complex legal and business challenges that arise from the intersection of digital technologies and the India  and international copyright regimes.JBLaw’s Copyright, Litigation & Counseling team works with a range of clients  from startups to the leading technology companies in the world  on copyright matters that run the gamut from a quick phone call to talk through a product design question, to developing a commercial strategy for compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, to litigating infringement cases in national court and rat-setting matters in national agencies.JBLaw has extraordinary copyright experience. JB Law’s copyright team includes well-known trial lawyers, thought leaders widely recognized for their creative legal strategies for resolving cutting-edge cases, and a former General Counsel of the Indian  Copyright Office.